Soy Wax

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In the early 90’s, Michael Richards who was looking for an alternative product who were vegetable and less expensive than soy bees to make natural candles, creates the soy wax, a natural wax who came from the soy beans. After harvest, the beans are cleaned, they get cracked, and the oil is removed, then this oil is hydrogenated.
The soy wax we use to make our candles is completely produce in EE.UU, soy from American crops, who use the best environmental practices, the most of the producers participate in programs about sustainability and conservation.
Always we are in love with the candles, but after a research we notice that some raw materials are harmful for us and for the planet. So, we decided to produce natural soy candles who didn’t have a negative effect in the environment.

We want to share with you some of the benefits about soy wax:
– It’s completely renewable because is made with natural soy beans.
– Its combustion is natural and no toxic.
– Its melting point is between 104 and 113 ºF, this reduce burning danger.
– Soy wax burns 25% -50% longer.
– It’s easy to clean from surfaces because is water soluble.
– Soy wax burns with zero Petro-carbon soot, unlike paraffin wax.