Chakra Candle


  • 100% SOY WAX: Natural vegetable-based wax, don’t let toxins get in to your house, Soy wax is free of toxic chemicals, enjoy a cleaner and longer burn with reduction in soot and improved fragrance loading.. non-toxic, biodegradable, and vegan.
    • STRONG YET GENTLE SCENT: Evoke memories and emotions, we have selected intense fragrances with exceptional performance and free of toxins (phthalate-free).
    • HAND CRAFTED IN THE USA: Hand-poured in small batches with carefully selected raw materials locally produced with a responsible and sustainable supply chain.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY FEATURES: Compostable Labels produced in America, vegetable wax from American-grown soybeans: most growers participate in certified and audited sustainability and conservation programs, non toxic fragrances, reusable and recyclable containers.
    • WE CARE: We care about the well-being of our customers and the effects that our products will have in them and We care for our planet and we understand the impact of our decisions as manufacturers.

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has a sweet and citrus blend that transports you to a state of relief and relaxation. Citric aroma with notes of sugar cane. Create an instant spa environment, Perfect to generate a relaxing atmosphere.


Attractive, smooth and elegant aroma of floral fragrance with salty notes, filled with the soothing touches of jasmine mixed with the softness of the sweet cream and a harmonious woody base.

Cozy fragrance that evokes a night in front of the fireplace, experience a harmonious combination of spices, pine and orange that will take you to another level of relaxation and comfort. Perfect for living rooms.


Balanced blend of exquisite natural oils, bergamot, celery seed, ginger, guayacán, jasmine, lemon, tangerine, nutmeg, orange, patchouli and sandalwood oil. It offers a refreshing sensation similar to that of a spa. Pleasant and relaxing aroma that can be used in any space. Perfect for living rooms, kitchens and open areas.


Strong woody aroma warm and comforting, feels like the spicy and seductive aroma of cinnamon makes your environments a cozy and intimate place.


Intense aroma, warm and sophisticated classic vanilla and subtle cream.


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