Why local is better?

When you buy locally manufactured products, you are helping to maintain and develop the regional economy, you are supporting the booming of new ideas, the emergence of new companies and the entrepreneurship of many people in your city or your country.
Also helps to preserve the environment, consumption of local products save a lot of resources that are necessary when something needs to be shipped from somewhere else, like power, fuels, materials involved, packaging, logistical efforts in transportation, when the distance is reduced from where is produced to when is needed there is a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions and in all packaging to protect the product when this have to make a long trip, this is a sustainable and responsible consumption, because when you take the conscious decision to buy something that is produced locally you are contributing with the protection of the environment.

How to connect with nature when you are at home?
Connect with nature from home is easier that you think, here you have some things that you can do.
– Go out to the balcony feel the air and sun in your skin, if you don’t have one, don’t worry you can open the curtains and windows and let the sun and wind come into your house, allows the fresh air invade all your house, take a moment to breathe deeply; when It’s a sunny day take a few minutes for a sunbathing, your whole body will be grateful and happy.
– If you have plants in your house you can spend time whit them, looking and cleaning their leaves, smelling the flowers, touching softly, feeling all the plant. – You can take some time to sow plants, you can buy seasonal seeds and keep a record about how the seeds are growing.
– If you are living near to trees and have the option to hear birds, you can open your windows in the morning and enjoy the song of the birds, but if you can’t do this, look online for music of nature is a really good option. Choose the best for you, if you don’t like birds, you can look for the sound of the ocean or the sound of the forest, or you select a different one every time.
The important thing is that you can feel immerse in the nature wherever you are.