About Us

Why Inspiration?

Inspiration was born as an outlet for our creativity and a profound wish to make an impact in other people’s life.

Thinking in what we’d like our impact to be, it is to inspire people to reach their better self. We expect that our candles turn in a valuable companion for all our customers, while their are reading, meditating, studying, working, even while doing the house chores or gathering with friends. Our goal is that through our carefully thought scents and products, our customers find joy and inspiration day by day.

Our Mission

  • Inspire and help people find balance in their lives and achieve their best self by offering natural and ecological experiences.
  • Give back to our community by teaching and creating space for knowledge, creativity and inspiration.
  • To be a great place to work where employees and their families will find equality, diversity, dignity and inclusion.

Our Values




  • Inspire: Inspiring people and companies with natural products.
  • Caring: We take care of our customers, our employees, the community and our planet. By promoting sustainable values.
  • Connect: Offering experiences that promote well-being.
  • Responsible: By offering sustainable and responsibly sourced natural products, by giving the community activities that inspire and teach.

Our Team

Astrid Lentino


Gustavo Grosso


Kata Lentino