Committed to sustainability:

Our goal is to provide a product that had minimal to no impact in our environment that will serve as companion and as a mean of showing affection.

And with that goal in mind we have carefully selected our raw materials.

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Enjoy a wide range of fragrances and products designed to be the perfect companion.

Relax and unwind with our products and get all the benefits of our 100% vegetable soy wax and fragrances infused with essential oils by using it as a massage candle. 


Take home all the benefits that Aromatherapy has to offer. We have design a collection of products that will help you to have more Energy, feel the Tranquility and Romance around you, and improve your Concentration.


This classic cup of Coffee will add that perfect morning smell of freshly brewed coffee. Perfect for a gift or to put at your desktop.

Coffee Cup Blue
Coffee Cup Blue
Coffee Cup Blue

Coffee Cup Blue

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Candle Bar

Have fun while infusing your space with the scent of your favorite cocktails. Check our Candle Bar.

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